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Meet Karen!

Determined to live a life of joy, Karen aims to be the kind of resource she was looking for during times of struggles.

From Anxiety to Peace

What you can expect inside this guide:

  • Remove unwanted & anxious emotions using these 4 simple steps
  • Dive deeper into God’s word using this simple search technique
  • Stop “identity” theft in seconds with this ONE powerful question
  • Draw closer to Christ by using the “quick embrace” method

In my 4-step guide, you’ll discover how to draw closer to God, experience His deep love for you and move through hard emotions before they develop into bitterness or resentment.

I can’t wait for you to experience freedom in Christ and peace from anxiety. -Karen

Personal Coaching and Support Specialist

What to Expect

  • A sounding board & safe space where you are seen and heard
  • Guidance through emotional processing
  • Support through decision making
  • Boundary setting & follow through

Karen currently serves as a coach with the following organizations:

Alongside Ministry Wives

Share the Struggle

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Karen enjoys sharing at retreats and conferences, and most recently was one of the speakers at the “Married to the Pastor” conference hosted by Small Church Ministry. She has also been a guest on the following podcasts:

Podcast Guest Appearances

Small Church Ministry Podcast:

Pastor Wife Life Podcast: Ep. 134

Pastor Wife Life Podcast: Ep. 110

Love Does That Podcast: Part 1

Love Does That Podcast: Part 2

Karen’s Resources Are Just What We Need

Karen’s openness and vulnerability in sharing her own story of loss shows just how much she cares about walking with others experiencing grief. And her insights into how to BE that person who walks alongside a grieving friend are practical and wise—just what we need!

-Kari Bartkus, Love Does That


From Anxiety to Peace:

How 4 simple (and unexpected) steps can transform your experience in ministry

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